A Quality system

A Quality System


We at HYGEX believe that quality stands in the centre of any successful and dependable business. HYGEX is committed to providing its high profile customers with a quality system of products, procedures, tools and people to sustain the success of their enterprises.


HYGEX comprehensive industrial and professional products provide its diverse customer base with an efficient and integrated cleaning system that responds to their growing and particular needs. The quality of HYGEX cleaning system has been tried and tested repeatedly and has always excelled in its performance against the most rigorous hygiene and cleaning challenges.  


HYGEX products quality that we continue to seek is complemented by a quality procedure system, which we are dedicated to follow and committed to pass on to our customers to strengthen their capacity in utilizing our products system to the top of its potential. We consider our customers partners in our quest for a healthy and safe environment, providing them with continued training, monitoring and consultancy services.


We design our training courses to equip our clientele with a sound knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in hygiene and to build the skills of their employees in administrating our system of quality products in a manner that exceeds their highest expectations.


A cleaning and hygiene system is never complete without proper and efficient dispensing solutions. HYGEX prides itself for perfecting the performance of its products system with high quality dispensing tools and accessories to secure the maximisation of their use at controlled and predictable budget. When it comes to performance, we at HYGEX seek to ensure the presence of quality in all the components of our cleaning system.


We in HYGEX believe that a system's performance depends above all on the people that deliver it. Our team of technicians, experts and service providers hold the ethics and vision of HYGEX. They are committed to representing our culture of quality everywhere they go, through their dedication to prompt and effective service and support to our clientele.


HYGEX firmly believes in corporate responsibility towards society and the environment. Our values extend beyond achieving an excellent cleaning performance, to ensure the safety of the users of the material and the safety of our planet. We ensure that all our manufacturing partners are committed to international environmental standards in terms of use of resources, lowering waste levels, and protecting the environmental in all stages of their production process and dedicated to producing user and environmental friendly products.


When you chose HYGEX you chose a diligent and comprehensive approach for excellent hygiene practice and acquire effective sustainable solutions for all your hygiene challenges.



A Developing System


We, at HYGEX, believe that there is no limit to excellence. Our commitment to quality is our drive for continuing to develop our products and procedures. We collaborate with our partners all over the world in research and development using innovative technology and improved raw material to provide our customers with the best, latest and safest in cleaning systems.  


A Service Oriented System


When our clients choose us, they trust that they have chosen a dependable partner that is dedicated to their business success as much as they are. Our 24/7 customer service provides our clientele with technical and procurement support at all times. Our customers can never be short of products or maintenance regardless of the time of the year, day of the week, or time of the day.


An Accredited System


HYGEX prides itself as one of the few providers of complete, integrated industrial and professional cleaning systems in the world. Our diverse product range is continuously developed and expanded using a world wide list of manufacturing partners. In its quest for excellence, HYGEX and its manufacturing partners have received 14 international accreditations. Those include: (? Number) approvals and (?Number) association membership.


We, at HYGEX, pledge to continue working on developing our system to push the frontier of excellence towards better serving our valued clientele.  



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Food Service :


HYGEX offers a comprehensive cleaning systems & products for your foodservice operations, among the highest safety & performance benchmarks, HYGEX guarantees a germ free environment to guard the health of your high profile customer base.