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Providing dairy and poultry care solutions for farm and plant applications, to protect surfaces, equipment & animal’s health
Animal Care / Farm

Hygex provides complete animal care products for dairy and poultry farms, plants and slaughterhouses application, delivering infection control solutions from pre and post milking teat protection applications to cleaning and terminal disinfection of hygiene sensitive milking equipment and surfaces in dairy plants and livestock building. 

Additionally, Hygex offers complete cleaning and disinfection solutions for  poultry farms and slaughterhouses ,  providing enhanced infection control of hygiene sensitive surfaces and equipment including livestock building, drinkers, feeders, hatchers, incubators ,  slaughterhouse equipment,  carcass dipping  requirments as well livestock drinking water treatment. 




HYGEX is a leading provider of complete & integrated industrial cleaning and sanitation systems designed to enhance the hygiene, health and safety in the sectors of hospitality, foodservice & healthcare.