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Learning Trail Nursery & Kindergarten

At the Learning Trail Nursery (LTN) we aim to create an environment that will inspire each child’s natural curiosity in the hopes of fostering a lifelong love of learning. LTN is a safe and friendly place you can feel comfortable and happy to bring your child to everyday.  At LTN we focus on the individual child’s social, emotional and intellectual needs.

The Learning Trail Model (LTM) has taken seventeen years to develop. It is based on a synergy between the Montessori and the Environment Program (EP) curriculums and most importantly the child him/herself.

LTM predominantly adopts the Arabic language and works with the child from the very early years to foster pride in their culture and guide their footsteps towards becoming environmentally conscious and confident beings.

LTM has six main areas of focus: The child, culture, environment, spirituality, health and creativity. We believe that these six areas are the main composites of life itself.

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