Special Events & Camps

Among our special programs we have:

Talks with parents 

This program is a platform for parents to come together with childcare professionals at the nursery to speak about various topics concerning their children. This gives the parents a chance to discuss any issues they have  about their child as a group.

Fun with family

Every so often one of our student’s parent or grandparent will come to the nursery and engage in a fun day together, sharing their creative skills with us and our children. They may do arts and crafts, drama, cooking, storytelling or anything they may think of.

Olive harvest

The olive harvest in Jordan dates back thousands of years and is an important part of our culture and tradition. To celebrate we take the children on an annual trip to pick olives so that they can see how olives grow, they take part in the picking process and learn how we preserve them. The olive harvest theme continues for a whole week covering all areas of learning.


Summer Camps at Learning Trail

We hold two camps annually in summer that are divided into two age groups.

Learning Trail Nursery Summer Camp  (Ages 1.5 yrs – 6 yrs).

We open our doors for six weeks in the summer to celebrate this season with fun , creative activities.

Sand Cat Summer Camp (Ages 6 yrs -13 yrs) 

A back-to-nature program that takes place every summer connecting every child with the environment and its offerings. 
Campers are encouraged to explore nature through wilderness walks and outdoor hands-on teaching activities. They are introduced to a new range of activities such as learning basic survival skills and first aid, animal husbandry, organic farming, food processing and various EP activities.
The purpose of such a camp is to encourage children to explore their country, nurture new skills, instill appreciation of the environment, build communication skills, teamwork and leadership qualities and most importantly give them the best time of their lives!

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