About Us

Established in 1995, University Book Centers Company (UBCC) in its first phase became Jordan's leading provider of academic books in the English Language. Our company serves the needs of dozens of universities, colleges and educational institutions throughout Jordan. Our customer base includes students, university professors, academics, professionals, librarians, booksellers as well as individuals with diverse interests.


Later on UBCC expanded its efforts to work through all sorts of books. Now we are providing several schools and trade book retailers through building on our wide network of suppliers and well established services. 


UBCC is committed to securing quality books to its customers at affordable prices, and to providing a full range of support services to professionals.  Our long experience and proven track record of service make us your first choice.

We take pride as we progressively assume a bigger role in supporting and elevating knowledge in Jordan. We strive, with your support, to make our contribution even more prominent.


UBCC continually strives to improve the services it renders to all those involved in the book market, whether it is academic textbooks, school curriculum, or general books. We strive to provide your needs while offering best prices and fast delivery, always working to the benefit of our customer. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, please contact us: